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A bit about me….

I’m Louise and my passion is grooming dogs and giving lots of cuddles.

As a dog groomer based in Stratton, Swindon I provide a fully equipped studio from my garage at home.  This  includes an electric table (for the big dogs), a bath with steps and door and the usual required grooming equipment. I have a diploma in Dog Grooming and have been Dog first aid trained.

I only have one dog in at any one time unless the dogs are from the same household as I like it to be one on one, I find this can be a lot better for some dogs that can get stressed and in fact I do get sent dogs from other groomers that require time and that one on one requirement.

Since establishing my Dog grooming Business in May 2014 I have not looked back. Previously I worked in sales and marketing for a printers however this was not my calling. After being made redundant I had the opportunity to make my dreams come true and train to become a dog groomer. My dog Pickles and his original groomer Alicia were my inspiration to making tis happen.

I love the dogs, Good and Bad (they are never really bad) Big and Small. You can rest assure your loved ones are in good hands and will always give the dogs the time needed.

As well as a busy family including my better half and 3 children I also have two of my own dogs, Pickles (Poodle X) and Chutney (Min Schnauzer). I have been involved with Dog Agility training and competed in shows. Pickles is also a Gold Kennel Club Good Dog Citizen.

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