Behavioural Issues

Do you have a dog that hates to be groomed? That visit to a busy salon that fills both you and your dog with nerves? Is your dog reactive to other dogs close by? Maybe a dog that is super sensitive to a certain area of its body?

Yes to any of the above? Well I hope to be able to help.

I am predominantly a groomer but I have been learning more about dogs on the behavioural side including taking a course on handling difficult dogs.

The reason for my learning is, being a one to one groomer I am getting an increasing number of dogs with known or potential issues/problems. Based on this I am happy to work on grooming a dog that has problems.

Please note: I am not a groomer that will just stick a muzzle on your dog. I pretty much only use muzzles if your dog is muzzle trained at home as the use of them generally escalates the stress and will not help me to build a trusting bond with your dog.

Working with your dog can take time and unfortunately there is no quick fix. But with your support and training at home, great changes can be achieved.

There will be an extra charge of £10 per dog (this is on on top of the standard groom cost), this pays for my extra time, the risk taken and equipment required.

Ideal Scenario:
  • You bring your dog to meet me in my salon prior to a groom (A Meet and Greet) If you have a very nervous dog, several meetings may be required and first groom could just be a bath and dry but this can be disscussed.
  • We book in the groom as long as all happy to go forward
  • When in for their groom, I will work as usual watching for signs, triggers. Give a break if required and do what i can within reason to complete the groom.
  • After groom i like to end with cuddles/play to make the time with me positive.
  • I will let you know how your dog has been and anything you can do at home to help.

Please remember that although you are my client, my true client is your dog. If your dog tells me they have had enough, then they have had enough. I am not into escalating a dog into a state of potential aggression just to get a nice groom.

I have had lots of success with troubled dogs, some come to me and I have had no issue but I base all on a one to one basis. There also has been the odd dog that I have had to say no to which leaves me feeling unfortunate.

I can provide testimonials from clients that have had dogs with issues should you require.