I Am Now Open

So the great news is along with a majority of groomers, LG Dog Groomer is now back open. However I am currently only open for existing clients. The reason for…
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Grooming Concerns

I know there are concerns about your dogs getting hairy but please if you don’t have to clip your dog yourself, please don’t and just keep brushing and combing. I’m…
LG Dog Groomer Closed

LG Dog Groomer is Closed

Along with everyone else… we are closed until otherwise told. I am home with my 2 young boys, so until they are back in school I cant work weekdays. However…
Coronavirus Pupdate

Coronavirus Pupdate

Given the recent events that have occurred, I Anticipate and understand that there may be an increase in people’s decision to self isolate. Under these circumstances I ask that you…
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Combing your dog

The struggle is real, as a groomer I often see dogs with some knots and at times more than I should ideally see. It is a tough one as there…

Maternity Leave

Just to make you aware i am now on Maternity leave until potentially January 2018 I have two groomers happy to assist my clients plus I highly recommend them in…

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