Combing your dog

The struggle is real, as a groomer I often see dogs with some knots and at times more than I should ideally see. It is a tough one as there is such a rising trend for all of the hypo-allergenic curly coat type breeds such as the Cockerpoos, Labradoodles and all other crosses about. Unfortunately these coats are the hardest to maintain and are often higher maintenance than say a pure bred Poodle.  Matts can easily occur on other longer coated breeds as well, for example Shih tzus, Lhasas, Huskies, Shepherds, the list could go on.

There can also be the issue that when brushing it may only be the top layer of fur and not at skin level which is why a good metal comb is something I always advise to be in your home grooming kit.

Matted fur is something none of us want, as a groomer I don’t want to be the one clipping a coat right off and certainly for the dog, its uncomfortable and can cause various health issues if left.  Dogs that are free from matts are able to keep cool in the heat regardless of length as the air can freely circulate to the skin. Also being free from matts means its very easy for you to health check your dog at home for anything odd.

If you are finding that the coats gets too much by the next grooming appointment perhaps book a week sooner so less times between grooms, this way you get the groom you would prefer.

Please see my video below about how best to use a comb to check for Matts etc. This is beneficial for all breeds not just curly coats.

Hope it helps give a little guidance :-)

I am always happy to advise on brushing and combing if needed.