First behaviour course complete

So I have now completed my first dog behaviour course, of which i thoroughly enjoyed.

The group was of about 12 which was nice and people there for various reasons, some for helping their own dogs and some to help their career with dogs whether a groomer, walker or plans to go down that route in general but we all had common ground and thats we want to help dogs and ourselves and or owners.

It was a tiring weekend as brain not used to being so engaged for long periods of time in a learning environment but it was a good tired, a real worn out tired. I made so many notes both mental and physical and have definitely made the right choice in looking to enhance my career of working with dogs.

So many great points of the training of what to look for in behaviour and how to go right back to basics. Never to rush and take only small reachable steps at a time.  You can make things better it just takes hard work, time, patience and consistency.

Amanda, our trainer for the weekend was very informative, never saying things had to be done this way or that as working with animals is not always about working things in a particular order, it’s individual to dog and owner.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Sometimes finding a good behaviourist is not always about the accreditations one has such as degrees etc, although this can show a good theoretical understanding the person may not be able to put this into practice very well so make sure you have someone recommended, plenty of good reviews/feedback. Look for someone that has dealt with similar as it is not always cheap to seek professional help. I am by no means knocking accreditations but sometimes the person that can help is the one that can really read and talk dog.

The main point is that no matter what your dogs problem it can be addressed without force just the correct tools and advice to move forward. I have seen and heard various stories including that of a dog that had become aggressive. Several trainers, vets and behaviourists had said the dog had no chance and would have to be PTS, they saw one more person and then made progress. This dog now leads a happy life with its owner whereas if the owners persistence was not there the dog would be no more.  There are some extreme cases where there is no reasoning with the dog in question but this should not be the common place.

I look forward to more training, more watching my own dogs and others and perhaps soon look to offer help to others.

If anyone wants to chat to me about their dog and issues im happy to help if i can. My time is limited but the more contact with dogs the better my experiences.  So if you do want to make contact please email me