Honesty with your Groomer

Doesn’t matter who your groomer is or what potential issues your dog may or may not have.

Always be honest with your groomer.

If your dog is known to have a problem with the dryer/bathing/nails/certain areas then let us know and we can work with that.

There is nothing worse then getting a dog in that is apparently fine with no problems at all to then find you have a dog trying to spin uncontrollably in the bath and/or on table, getting super stressed, which is not what anyone wants.

The times this has happened I have questioned myself and my abilities only to find out that this is actually the dogs normal behaviour at the groomers.

Not being honest can put groomers at risk of being bitten.

As a groomer we would love  it if all dogs enjoyed the experience of grooming and never have any issues but this is reality. Dogs can have problems for various reasons; bad experience, pain, discomfort from matts etc.

I prefer honesty right from booking in with me so I know what to potentially expect. I aim never to muzzle unless I feel an absolute need as this can again raise stress levels in the dog and I would rather the dog remain as calm as possible even if it means not having a full and perfect groom.

So please be honest with your groomer.¬† If a groomer is not happy groom your dog based on its issues then call someone else who will. The last thing you want is your dog to have bitten a groomer which could destroy their career and we as groomers don’t want that either.

Honesty really is the best policy.