How often should you take your dog to a groomer

So this is an interesting one..

We all are the culprit of buying a dog for the first time, knowing already about insurance, food, vets bills etc but what about grooming?Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download?

So many people are given the wrong information if any at all from breeders about when you should take the dog to the groomers for the first time so…. Here it is.

The moment you have had your puppy injections and they are ok to go outside into the world this is the time to start getting your pup acquainted with your chosen groomer. The first visit should just be to meet and chat with your puppy having a sniff and hearing some of the equipment, having a play but just a general meeting.. The next meeting should be a bath, dry and just a trim of any unruly fur and a nail check.

The reason for bringing them so early is due to them being so much more accepting at this age. Leaving them until they are older can bring on a lot more fearful behaviour making it far more stressful for the dog which of course we don’t want .

As for how often, this varies breed to breed, at the bottom I have a list as a guide. Some dogs fur doesn’t grow as quick, there are also some owners that feel less grooming is required over winter because they need their fur to keep warm.. again I believe the groom regularity should stay the same, dogs are more likely to get knotty in winter with all the wet, potentially wearing jackets etc.

One last point i would like to make is dogs that are groomed often see it as the norm but dogs groomed less frequently can view it as punishment.

Breed Regularity of Groom
Airedale Terrier 8 Weeks
Alaskan Malamute 8 Weeks
Bichon Frise 6 Weeks
Bichon Cross 6-8 Weeks
Bolognese 6 Weeks
Border Collie 6-8 Weeks
Border Terrier 12 Weeks
Brittany 8 Weeks
Cairn Terrier 10 Weeks
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 8 Weeks
Cocker Spaniel 8 Weeks
Cockerpoo 6-8 Weeks
English Setter 10 Weeks
English Springer Spaniel 8 Weeks
German Shepherd Dog 8 Weeks
Golden Retriever 8 Weeks
Gordon Setter 10 Weeks
Irish Setter 10 Weeks
Irish Terrier 12 Weeks
Jack Russell 12 Weeks
Labradoodle 6-8 Weeks
Lakeland Terrier 10 Weeks
Lhasa Apso 10 Weeks
Old English Sheepdog 8 Weeks
Parson Russell Terrier 12 Weeks
Poodle (Minature) 6 Weeks
Poodle (Standard) 6 Weeks
Poodle (Toy) 6 Weeks
Poodle Cross 6-8 Weeks
Schnauzer (Giant) 8 Weeks
Schnauzer (Minature) 8 Weeks
Schnauzer (Standard) 8 Weeks
Scottish Terrier 10 Weeks
Shetland Sheepdog 8 Weeks
Shih Tzu 10 Weeks
Siberian Husky 8 Weeks
Welsh Springer Spaniel 8 Weeks
Welsh Terrier 10 Weeks
West Highland White Terrier 10 Weeks
Wire Fox Terrier 10 Weeks
Yorkshire Terrier 8 Weeks