I Am Now Open

So the great news is along with a majority of groomers, LG Dog Groomer is now back open. However I am currently only open for existing clients. The reason for this is until the kids are back at School/Nursery I am not sure on time I have ongoing as can only do what I am whilst my partner is furloughed.

Also we know how clients are eager to get their dogs done asap and groomers everywhere are doing their upmost to satisfy everyone.

It is a difficult time for both sides. I know a lot are prioritising dogs with certain coat types due to matting etc. So for example a cockerpoo will likely be groomed before a Lab out of necessity for its welfare.

I have seen so many clip offs as a groomer due to matted dogs so if you have a shorter coated dog please be patient your groomer will get you sorted. as soon as they can.

If you are isolating please let your groomer know for everyone’s safety.

I look forward to seeing you soon.