So.. you are having a baby – What about your dog

It’s always a concern when you have dogs and then plan your human family.

What if your dog doesn’t get on with the baby?

So many dogs get put into rescue centres or for rehoming because of a new baby into the house. The sad thing about this is once upon a time that dog was your baby, part of your family yet rather than work through any issues or put things in place before birth it’s decided they must go.

When expecting a child you really need to consider how you want things to be once baby arrives in regards to your dog. when your baby has a nap in the front room in a moses basket etc and you need the toilet are you just going to push the dogs out? Has the space the baby has always been the dogs space? you could have the dog resenting the baby for making it feel pushed out.

I had my Son last year (2015) and i would never entertain getting rid of my dogs so I planned well in advance how i wanted it to work. I have a lounge/diner but the lounge area i knew i wanted to have as a child safe zone so if baby were to be asleep or on the floor on an activity mat i did not need to worry about the dogs so i bought an extended child gate to split the room. I did this long before my son was born so the dogs got used to their area being the diner, kitchen and conservatory but the lounge was invite only. This has worked well, they have a bed the other side of the gate so they can see through to us but it became the norm so when we brought our son home it was not a sudden feeling of being pushed out.

As soon as our son was home the dogs were allowed to smell his blanket and meet him safely, my dogs are my babies to BUT they are dogs.

It is also important to keep your dogs stimulated, mentally and physically which can prove difficult with a baby. with one of my dogs she started to have accidents again as she was still a pup herself and I believe it was more on the attention seeking side, it was a frustrating, My son was 7 weeks early, I was expressing milk 2+ hours a day plus feeding and everything else that comes with that territory and i struggled with time. Once i figured the problem and started to give the correct attention to all in the house things improved. its not to say that it’s easy as it’s not but you have to want to make it work and want to make it better for all which ultimately means better for you to.

My point is with dogs and babies/children you have to plan ahead if you want to keep your family together with little to no issues.

My dogs are accepting of my son, they have their area, my son has his and i own all of the areas. CREATE BOUNDARIES that will work for all.

I never leave my dogs and son alone together and i never would regardless of trust. It’s never worth the risk.

Even now i strive to make things better and am always planning how things will work as I enter each stage of my sons growth as he will not always be confined but you have to always be the one in control. Just think ahead and plan. we ultimately want a happy house where all get on but it’s like anything, you have to work for it and there has to be rules.