Here are a rough idea of prices and times based on work generally required etc, please contact me for details.

If a dog takes longer due to matting then this is charged at an extra £5 per 30 mins.

I am happy to work with dogs with grooming troubles so that can be discussed as required. There will be an extra charge of £10 per dog, this pays for my extra time and equipment required. – See my Behavioural page

It is important when getting a puppy that you introduce them to a groomer as soon as they have had their injections and can go out. This is because it can be a scary experience. I offer a free 10-15 minute meeting to chat about grooming requirements (including home maintenance) and so puppy can experience some sights, smells and sounds before having its first appointment. (This is for Puppies under 4 months).

Short Coated Dogs (Bathed, De-shed, Nail Trim, Ear Clean – 1hr) – From £25 

Labrador / Dalmation / Weimaraner / Boxer / American Bull Dog / Greyhound / Saluki

Small Dogs (Clipped/Scissored, Bathed, Brushed, Nail Trim, Ear Clean – 1.5hr – 2hr) – From £30

Poodle / Bichon / Jack Russell / Cocker Spaniel / Springer Spaniel / CKC Spaniel / Min Schnauzer / SH Border Collie / Shih Tzu / Lhasa Apso

Medium Dogs (Clipped/Scissored, Bathed, Brushed, Nail Trim, Ear Clean – 1.5hr 2hr) – From £35

SH German Shepard / LH Border Collie / Sprollie / Std Schnauzer / Cockerpoo

Large Dogs (Clipped/Scissored, Bathed, Brushed, Nail Trim, Ear Clean – 2hr – 3hr) – From £40

Labradoodle / Retriever / LH German Shepard / Giant Schnauzer

Giant Dogs (Clipped/Scissored, Bathed, Brushed, Nail Trim, Ear Clean) – From £50

Newfoundland / Standard Poodle / Husky / Old English Sheep Dog

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